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Tom De Pauw
Hoofdactiviteit: Verkoop
Woonplaats: Herzele
I recently founded my own company in sales consultancy and look forward implementing my experience in other organisations which are looking for support in: - Sales management - Acquisition management - Professional education and product launches - Business development - General management My entrepreneurial drive, problem solving & managerial skills have helped me achieving great team results as a sales professional at different roles in various multinational companies. My key in this success has always been in selecting the right people relying on personality and attitude. Developing and coaching them was a real pleasure! In this new career I would like to invest my experience & skills in challenging environments where opportunities to grow business and develop people are motivating me as a person. Driving new business really excites me and challenges me as a solution-builder with an open mindset. Naturally I am driven by results and strong in active listening. My analytical skills and can-do mentality will bring in added value for any organisation who is interested in consolidating or developing new business. Current project: Business Development Manager at Neuro-Bionics - Building new rehabilitation concepts with exoskeletons. - Building new portfolio for rehab centres and industrial markets. - New product development via Flemish funding of Vlaio.
Verkoop, Sales management, Professional education, Sales & Marketing, Interim management, Acquisitions
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