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Billie Christelle
Hoofdactiviteit: Digital marketeer
Woonplaats: Bruxelles
Interested in more entrepreneurial challenges in international or smaller companies, especially in Startups. Bachelor degree graduated in Business Management from Solvay Brussels Schools, I am currently looking for short / medium / long term assignments related to the fields of innovation, research, strategy, sales or digital marketing. I have 4 years experience in the fields of digital marketing, sales, advertising and entrepreneurship. I had the opportunity to work in various companies in Spain, England and Belgium. I speak English and French fluently. And two languages at the basic level: Dutch and Spanish. Self- motivated and determined in all that I undertake, moreover, I think I can bring you complete satisfaction and dynamism in the different missions that you could be led to confide in me. I would be happy to meet you in virtual or real to discuss. Cheers, Billie Christelle +32494 103 625
Digital marketeer, Digitale marketing, Digital marketeer, SEA Search Engine Advertising, Facebook advertising, Instagram Marketing, Marketing strategy, MicroStrategy, Corporate Strategy, Advertising
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