Freelance IT programmeren regio Capelle aan den ijssel, nederland

Ben Verloop
Hoofdactiviteit: IT programmeren
Woonplaats: Capelle aan den ijssel, nederland
I am a driven JAVA/C/COBOL/? software architect looking for a new challenge after working as an interim JAVA developer for thirteen years at the European Patent Office (EPO) in Rijswijk. (Yes, they were very happy with me). Given my over thirty years of experience in ICT and the various roles I fulfilled, I will be a good match for any senior developer / cooperative team leader / coach role in a JAVA, C and/or COBOL environment. With my extensive hands-on knowledge of programming languages, tools, operating systems, database management systems, development methodologies and practices I will be a valuable addition to any development team. I am a fast learner and it will not be hard for me to acquire any missing skills. During my last role at the EPO I have been involved with development of JAVA middleware and accompanying web front-end, which was deployed on JBoss and a JINI Service Framework(JSF), both running on the Linux middle tier. Technologies and tools used were amongst others JAVA, JSP, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, CVS, SVN, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Jenkins, Sonar, JUnit, Jira, Quality Centre and Maven. Database access was built using Hibernate, DB2, CTG and CICS. I am looking for a freelance position at a working place of up to 100km from Bergen op Zoom (I will be moving from Capelle ad IJssel soon).
It programmeren, Java, C, Cobol, Jboss, Jini, Xml, Svn, Intellij, Eclipse, Jenkins, Sonar, Junit, Jira, Maven, Hibernate, Db2, Ctg, Cics, Hibernate, Mq, Bitcoin
5 dagen/week
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