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Carl Compernolle
Hoofdactiviteit: Interieurarchitect
Woonplaats: Laarne
Hieronder een beschrijving van ANIMUS (mijn super creatieve en multidisciplinaire design studio), van ADVANCED AESTHETICS (mijn eigen design label waaronder ik eigen ontwerpen uitbreng) en GONZO (mezelf dus). Je kan alvast mijn laatste werk volgen op mijn facebook pagina: ANIMUS ... super creative makers of things graphic design / set design / exhibition / product design / 3d printing / digital printing / furniture / light / art and objects (freelance and contracting) ANIMUS is more than your average design studio or that one handy guy you would hire to help finish your project. We just won't fit into any profile. So if you, just like us, really had it with contemporary flat, soulless, everyday mediocre copypaste concepts and design, well, then you should read on. We always try to excel in being different. And being different is our credo. This fundamental statement shapes the very soul of our design process and allows us to stand out above the average. We think in the box and out of the box., we design and we make. Furniture and light design, interior design, set design, graphic design, prototyping, sculpting, shaping, experimenting with the elements and far beyond ... Sounds a bit bold but we're damn good at it! ADVANCED AESTHETICS was brought into existence as the main brand for our inhouse design collection. All designs are handmade with lots of passion and dedication in our own workshop. Also, we try to produce as environmental and animal friendly as possible. For instance, we like to work with indigenous FSC wood rather than to use environmentally destructive and sometimes (mostly?) criminally exploited exotic wood. We also prefer to work with natural oils, paints and varnishes. And we try to make our products for 99%, if not 100% recyclable. I still believe in the power of the individual, and if we all should work in a more conscience way, the world will be a far better place for us, the plants and the animals. They call me GONZO and I would call myself a freestyle designer. Oh yeah ...I hear you think ...freestyle designer ...sounds fancy, hip and hop. Well, my roots lie on the streets, the urban mayhem where countless cultures clash. I’m a 100% DIY person with many years of experience in various disciplines. I started out as a graphic designer and ended up with a workshop full of cool machinery and even a 3D printer in the laundry room. I worked for many years as a graphic designer and operator in the digital printing business and gradually merged with the even more fascinating world of setbuilding for television and musea. And as a real designaddict I'm forever creating furniture, lights and objects. So again, what do I do? I draw stuff, by hand or by computer. I design all sorts of constructions ...and make them too. I also design and redesign designs. I do brainstorm a lot but then it really gets wicked. In fact, I got a really bad disease and it’s called hypercreativity (terminal btw...). And I like good music too (once a proud member of "The Born to Jazz Movement", a dj-collective flirting with jazz, breaks and electronica) and I go totally coconut when it comes to sci-fi and fantasy movies and all sorts of nerdy shit. So my style is no style koz I like them all. But if you are really up to it, I adapt to yours and then we cook some great fusion cuisine together!
Interieurarchitect, Graphic design, Set design, Exhibition, Product design, 3d printing, Digital printing, Furniture, Light, Art and objects
Nederlands:    moedertaal

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