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Hoofdactiviteit: Facility Management
Woonplaats: Wambeek

·         Creating a European real estate strategy

·         Developing a highly capable real estate planning and execution process for the company.

·         Developing a leveraged real estate / facility management process and governance structure and leading the team to execute against service levels.

·         Determing, setting, and deploying policies, standards and guidelines that are consistent with the goals and philosophies.

·         Communicating for the benefit of all stakeholders.

·         Leasing negotiations

·         Establishing relationships with external service providers on a local, national and international basis that provides the most current and accurate support of the real estate process.

·         Interact seamlessly with multiple stakeholders within the business units of the company including Finance, Legal, HR and Information Services.

·         procurement

Facility Management, Corporate real estate, Commercial real estate, Investment, Facilities, Procurement, Freelance, Interim, European
3 dagen/week
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Frans:    perfect
Engels:    perfect
Duits:    goed

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