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Christianne Rademakers
Hoofdactiviteit: trainer/lesgever
Woonplaats: Merelbeke

As a trainer/consultant I specialize in working with people. All is changing and it is a challenge for many to grasp and manage these changes. A training is more than passing on knowledge. It needs convincing and reassuring to make the participants embrace the changes and even turn them in advocates of the new process. I have used this approach in all my graphical training-courses and in large development projects, where I represented the user in testing, training and acceptance.

As a trainer, it is crucial to stay up-to-date and even look ahead. I started working with the Adobe apps in the 90’s and expanded my knowledge by self-study, experience on the field and through Adobe Education. I certified as Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor and added Webdesign to my field of expertise.
To stay in touch with the latest developments I graduated in courses on game-design, UX and e-marketing.

Now we face the largest transition in the graphical industry, the switch from publishing on paper to publishing digital. The switch from pushing paper to pulling information from the internet. From typographical design to UX app design. From investing in presses to investing in people. Not the company but the customer is in the driver’s seat, it is the customer who choses the direction in which we are heading, and companies have to adjust likewise.
As a guest lecturer at Thomas More, a KU Leuven association, where I teach “Digital magazines”, I help the future generation to prepare for this new reality. 

Trainer/lesgever, Adobe-suite, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Magazine Layout, Format, Project trainer
3 dagen/week
Nederlands:    moedertaal

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