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Mark De Jongh
Hoofdactiviteit: business intelligence
Woonplaats: Sint-lievens-houtem

As an international operator with 10 years experience in e-commerce, on-line advertising, digital media and businesses development I am able to take your on-line business to the next level of excellence and produce results that will increase revenue.

Project & Operations Management / SEO - Online Business Development


§  Successfully implement all SEO and continue to expand and manage all the digital assets of the company and oversee all web mastering of the platform.

§  Successfully initiative new product and service by identifying second and third level E-commerce income streams within and related to the industry.

§  Lead strategic direction, drive and project manage all developers and ICT specialists across borders ensuring high level performance and quality especially while working remotely.

§  Deliver and maintain one of the top platforms in the industry by staying on top of current technological expansions and innovations.

§  Manage KPIs for contractors as well as drive the day to day management and direction of the online products.


§  Digital & Business Landscapes

§  High-Level Customer Service

§  Strategic Planning/Execution

§  Integrated Sales & Marketing Strategies

§  Web-Mastering

§  Search Engine Optimisation


§  Start-Up Strategies

§  Operations Management

§  New Business Development

§  Print Media and Advertising

§  Lithography Printing

§  Digital Printing


§  Web Integration Solutions

§  Digital Media and Advertising

§  E-Commerce Strategy

§  Data Optimisation

§  Digital Solutions Management

§  Staff Leadership & Direction


Projectleider, SEO, Webmaster, Ecommerce Platform Development, User Experience Design
Sterke woorden
Professioneel, Gemotiveerd, Verantwoordelijk, Vriendelijk, Betrouwbaar
5 dagen/week
Nederlands:    goed
Engels:    moedertaal

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