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Rudy Walgraef
Hoofdactiviteit: interim management
Woonplaats: Sleidinge


With 49 years Rudy; a senior Generalist, built up an extensive knowledge and a broad experience in all aspects of Administrative and Financial Management and in the meanwhile general management.


With his degrees in Accountancy & taxes, IT and also his post degree in Financial & Administrative management he run through all the steps of these departments: accountant, auditor, controller, finance director, finance and IT director, Finance and Administrative Director (including IT and HR), consultant, interim manager and finally managing director/CEO.


He worked for all sorts of companies from little, mid-sides to multinationals in different sectors as Retail, Chemicals, Distribution, Audit, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutics, Health care, Industrial, Semi-industrial, audit, Energy, Internet business, Financial and IT Services and other.


Taking a more detailed look into his skills, you will meet responsibilities covering Accounting & Finance related activities, General and Cost Accounting, Controlling, Reporting (under US- UK or Lux or Belgian- GAAP), Direct and indirect tax returns, Treasury management, Budget – forecast - business planning, Relations with (tax) authorities and banks, Selection and implementation of new Financial packages, Financial & Administrative procedures and guidelines, Design and deployment of dashboard tool tracking the business drivers and of course Mergers & Acquisitions, purchase(A/P) and sales (A/R) flows, HR, purchase, IT and other business processes (logistics, manufacturing, R&D, Web, Construction ....)  Furthermore, doing business with Business Angels, banks, Private equities in order to take over or to the carve-out companies.


He was also managing director of a consultancy company concerning financial & administrative, controlling and IT. He even created own software for budgets and cash flow Management.


He is a hands-on, analytical and business strategic minded person with a touch of commercial feeling.


Being tri-lingual (English, French and Dutch), he has excellent communication- and negotiation skills.


His character consists out of honesty, loyalty, uncompromising ethics, and integrity and doesn’t know the word “giving up”.


 He feels at home with MS office and with all kinds of administrative and financial software and ERP.

Relevant Business Experience:

 §  As a  temporary CEO successfully reorganizated and restructured a company in all departments with a big focus on processes, people and systems. Managed to stabelize the organization from a financial point of view and prepare it for the implementation of an ERP with the aim to prepare the company for a carve-out of the group.

 §  As a Group Business Process Owner Finance brought a company to the level of Corporate Finance starting from scratch (reorganizing and restructuring).  As  a Project manager for OneERP SAP: established completely new processes within Finance for Record to Report (including accounting, controlling, treasury and both internal and external reporting), setup the finance shared service center , business requirements and functional blueprint and was even the global programm manager for a while for the whole ERP project including all business processes (02C, P2P, PL2P,…).  Once established the company was ready to be splitted into 3 parts and prepared for the selling to different private-equities.

 §  Was responsible for reorganinzing and resturcturing of the Finance, ICT and HR department including optimizing use of the available systems amongst them SAP.  Managed to do this in a short time notice together with establishing a good cash flow system and management of the funds of the company.

 §  Successfully integrated both production and a sales company from a controlling point of view into the group and prepared the transition of the main operational finance activities to a shared service center including HR and P2P activities.

 §  Was sent in France after take over by a multinational of a family organisation where the accounting and finance team was laid off, with a clear assignment to take over the world wide Finance/accounting HQ responsibility in France, stabilize the Finance/accounting before transferring to Belgium and to a private-equity. Without transition period, re-developed fully the finance,both accounting and controlling tasks, process flows and delivered monthly closing  reporting, budget. Transfer of knowledge to the new hired consolidation manager and finance director to finalize his assignment.

§  Managed to design, train people and implement a P2P process including scanning, OCR and workflow. Furthermore optimized the use of  the existing ERP software.

 §  Came in a company after a merge (carve-in) and managed to quide the company through a difficult external audit. After doing so succesfully managed to setup finance and building in controls in such a way that the audit in the next year passed without any problems.

 §  Handled with great results the ERP implementation, parameterization and all round financials for several Mid-sized companies

 §  Replaced a financial and administration manager in a Belgian retail company in the middle of a crisis situation where there was an urgent need for financial clarity and analysis from the banks, and where the financial system was misused. Created and implemented  a solid budget, forecast and cash flow track system. Advised the implementation of a new financial package  and redesigned accounting and controlling flows. As a result, the transformation of the finance  department enabled the delivery of financial analysis and daily (revenue and cash) reporting for 40 Belgian shops. Finally banks allowed new credits.

 §  Managed Finance, HR and IT to replace a director that left suddenly in a manufacturing company. Audited the situation and discovered, next to no tax declaration and no financial reporting for two years, that the accounting (home-made) system couldn't be used and trusted. therefore, coordinated the implementation of a new ERP system, hired specialists to handle data transfer from legacy system to new system.  Prepared the accounting for the year-end auditing : implemented and realized (hands-on) monthly closing, set up budget and forecasts, as well as cash flow management.  Next to the automation of accounting processes, including the development of an interface between Payroll and Accounting system, he created newly simplified Purchase-to-Pay processes.


Interim management, Corporate finance, Interprise suite erp
5 dagen/week
Nederlands:    moedertaal

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