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Veerle Deschepper
Hoofdactiviteit: website programmeren
Woonplaats: Gentbrugge

Hi there, I'm Veerle Deschepper, but you can call me V if you like. I'm an entrepreneur, developer, writer, photographer, reader, painter, and I love to create Art - every tiny bit of it.  

As a person I tend to be idealistic, resilient attitude in the face of hardship, seeker of value and harmony, open minded, IT in function of the user advocate, flexible, very creative, passionate, energetic, dedicated, and hard  working. 

I'm good at problem solving, Object Oriented thinking, simple solutions for complex questions, able to connect many far-flung dots into a single theme, building IT web apps for people, consulting for a wide area of IT solutions, writing, and hands on training.

I like to work with PHP with the Laravel Framework. I used to work with AngularJS and before that jQuery -- but today I really prefer VueJS. I manage my own servers (droplets), they run Ubuntu LTS now. They used to run on Debian. I'm no Linux expert, neither a windows one (anymore) and a growning MacOS one - but I prefer to write code, not ICT. 

I said goodbye to Apache a long time ago, now Nginx is my friend. Just like I now use NPM instead of Bower to manage my code. Combined with Webpack instead of the now acient Gulp .. and the one with the wild pork logo. I use css, with Sass or Less. or not. 

As far as projectmanagement goes I now use the complete Atlassian Stack, which I manage myself. As communicationtool I prefer to use Slack, its so much more convienent than e-mail. That last one I do manage myself, with G-suite. 

I worked with .NET ages ago, for nearly 10 years in fact. While I don't use it anymore, I'm still familiar with it. Guess I took the best bits of those best practices and let them shape my Javascript and PHP code into beautiful, scalable, manageable pieces of art.

Oh. Yeah. I do speak Dutch as well. In fact it's my mother tongue.. technically..

Website programmeren, Angularjs, Laravel framework, Javascript
1 dag/week
Nederlands:    moedertaal
Frans:    basis
Engels:    perfect

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