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Stefaan Dumez
Hoofdactiviteit: interim management
Woonplaats: Beauvechain
I help people and organisations to solve problems and to improve their problem solving capabilities. This is preferably done through focused, temporary assignments: interim management, improvement projects, operating system deployment. I have 25 years of experience in developing people and improving business performance. My functional exposure is very broad, going from Finance over Marketing, Planning, Logistics and Factory management. However, most part of my career I spent working on various stages of the Supply Chain. I consider this my core functional competence. Throughout my career I initiated & implemented improvement initiatives. This has always been my key motivator. I'm also a systems thinker, understanding that to obtain total business improvement we need to build bridges within the company and even externally with other links of the Supply Chain. I have a management style that is adaptable to the situation and to the individuals and teams. I have sound problem-solving capabilities, supported by a well developed process.
Interim management, General manager, Supply chain, Continuous improvement, Lean consulting, Inventory management, Network design, Customer engagement, People development, Manufacturing, Factory manager, Project manager
5 dagen/week
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