Freelance interim management regio Harelbeke

Dominique Demeulemeester
Hoofdactiviteit: interim management
Woonplaats: Harelbeke

“It’s a small small world, especially so for people with excellent networking skills”

I am a creative marketing and sales consultant, combining high levels of energy with passion and creativity.  Always ready to discover new opportunities or potential business in everything that comes my way. This attitude helps me to come up with business ideas that work. I can only sleep well when I have done something relevant for someone I care about.

Why should we get in touch? 
Because I am interested in what drives people and what bothers people. I love listening to stories of real people, and help them in a flexible and pragmatic way in the professional domains I gained experience in over the last 25 years.

Sales & Marketing, Sales trainer coach, B2B Marketing, Interim management, Change Management, Persoonlijke coach, Persteksten, Business Development, Sales coach, Sales management, Retail Sales Management, Freelance Marketing, Marketing ondersteuning
Sterke woorden
Ervaren, Beschikbaar
5 dagen/week
Nederlands:    perfect
Frans:    perfect
Engels:    perfect
Duits:    perfect
Spaans:    goed

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