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Jori Van De Vyver
Hoofdactiviteit: filmpjes maken
Woonplaats: Gent
I?m a filmmaker who, for the past 6 years of my 26 wonderful years, has specialized in creating film-like images for low- and high-end productions. Most of my work is shot with my trusted DSLR. I?m one of the first generation of DSLR-filmmakers that immediatly fell in love with this technology. I keep up with the newer equipment like the A7S, GH4, C300, FS700, F55, Blackmagic and a lot more, using them in various productions for all budgets. I worked for companies like VIER and Outside Broadcast, but also for international organizations. Currently I?m working for BezoomTV and as a freelancer for Recticel, Legioen and many more. From corporate to music videos and from documentary to film. I?m constantly redefining my own creative skills, not just through technology but through better storytelling skills. So, as long as I?m able to hold, point and shoot with my camera, I will be learning new techniques.
Filmpjes maken, Montage, Redactie, Regisseur, Cameraman, Cameraman
5 dagen/week
Nederlands:    moedertaal

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