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Promote your Brussels tours with us, we will share your city with the world!

If you love working outside in the fresh air, walking around a city that you love, sharing its fascinating history with people who are enjoying their stay in your city, we want to hear from you. We can provide you with an extensive customer base and the support needed to promote your tours.

If you feel your style of guiding is compatible with our brand, we'd love to hear from you!

Sounds great! what next?

Reach out to us via the button below and one of our agents will contact you for a chat to check up on legalities and practicalities and to get a sense of your flair for guiding. If everything checks out, they'll put you in touch with our local manager who can give you more information about partnering with us in Brussels.

How do I start giving tours?

If you have no experience, you must prepare yourself. Once you feel you're ready, we'll ask you to sit a knowledge test and then send us a video audition of your tour. If your audition is up to the standards that we promote, we'll set up the partnership!

Who are we interested in partnering with?

Guides partnering with ushave exceptional tour-guiding skills and city knowledge. Guides are passionate about their city and its history, have a knack for storytelling, exceptional presentation skills and the ability to deliver information in an engaging, entertaining manner. Deep and extensive knowledge of the city is a must, as is a genuine interest in sharing this knowledge with others.

We don't believe that prior guiding experience is absolutely necessary – if you are an open, friendly, outgoing person with great communication skills you can train yourself to be a great guide. A background in acting, teaching, performing or making presentations could be very helpful!

We only partner with guides who are legally allowed to operate in their chosen location . You must be already established in your city of choice and have the Freelancer Guide permit and hold the suitable accreditation. 
We are interested in partnering with Guides who are able to run tours in any language fluently.
We care about its guide partners and customers, and only promotes top quality guides and tours. Our quality assurance mechanisms will ensure we partner with the best guides.


Datum opdracht : 04-08-2022
Regio : Brussel
Plaats : Brussel
Duur project : > 4 weken
Locatie : 100% werken bij klant
Status : Open

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