E-mail marketeer

Categorie : digital marketeer

Marketing Center, in the team of Marketing Experts & Technology. 

This teams support the 11 marketing teams with regards to marketing expertises, process, policy, quality of marketing & Martech

- audit of email campaigns  to optimize performance
- give support and advice to marketeers who run email campaigns to optimize current mailings
- follow up and monitor of all commercial emailing initiatives: click rate, unsubscription. Initiatie actions to optimize where necessary
- analyze commercial impact of mailings

Needed Qualifications
- Knowledge of emailmarketing: best practices, metrics, performance monitoring, opitmizations
- knowledge of Abobe Campaign
- knowledge of web analytics tools (Adobe, Google, …)
- knowledge of A/B-testing
- able to work in fast paced and complex environment.
- able to manage multiple stakeholders


Datum opdracht : 06-07-2022
Regio : Oost-Vlaanderen
Plaats : Temse
Duur project : > 4 weken
Locatie : Deels bij klant - deels op kantoor freelancer
Status : Open

Profiel :


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