Freelance Project Manager for a complex consultancy project in the energy efficiency sector

Categorie : projectleider

We are looking for a part-time Project Manager for a complex consultancy project in the public sector, involving a team of private companies, led by

·      a (small) consultancy company specialized in strategic, financial and operational consultancy in the building and energy renovation sector

having as subcontractors

·      a large engineering company in the building and energy sector

·      a medium size technical and financial consultancy company in the building and energy sector

·      a small consultancy company in the financial and energy services sector

·      a large financial consultancy company

·      an infrastructure investment fund


The consortium team is composed of +- 15 people.


The public customer is a public holding and participation company.

3 public building owners are the final beneficiaries of the services.


The project involves 3 main activities, involving each 2 phases:

·      The design and implementation of a “DRFM entity” (Design, Renovate, Finance and Maintain) that will put in place deep energy renovation projects of multiple public building clusters and support/discharge in-house public building owners. The main technical/operational/financial models that will be put in place are Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) and Energetic Public-Private Partnerships (EPPP).

·      The design and implementation of a “DRFM feeder”, i.e. a public-private financial instrument/investment fund that will attract private financing from institutional and other investors.

·      The preparation, set-up and tendering of 3 “start clusters” of public building renovation projects, involving each a cluster of 5 to 10 buildings, using the EPC model.


The job consists of

-       Overall project management of the projects, involving the supplier (consortium) team and the (end) customer teams

-       Applying professional but lean project management techniques, including anticipation of scope creep or delays

-       Setting up and managing professional but lean project management tools

-       Preparing agendas of meetings

-       Writing and distributing minutes of meetings

-       Overseeing and applying quality control to document management

-       Reporting on progress to the lead partners

-       Escalating as needed

-       Initiate a risk assessment and manage risks along the project progress



-       Minimum 15 years of experience with project management in complex environments, involving strategic, financial and/or operational consultancy

-       Minimum 5 years of experience or affinity with the building construction or building renovation environment

-       Experience or affinity with climate change or financing is a plus

-       Certified and experienced in Prince2, Lean6Sigma or equivalent

-       Flexible and stress resistant

-       Good communicator

-       Fluent trilingual (written and spoken) in Dutch, French and English


Datum opdracht : 14-01-2022
Regio : Brussel
Plaats : Schaarbeek
Duur project : > 4 weken
Locatie : Deels bij klant - deels op kantoor freelancer
Status : Open

Profiel :


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